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14 oz 6 gram plastic cups and 8 oz paper cups
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We provide and serve a variety of screen printing and printing packaging. With affordable prices and quality screen printing results, you can offer a variety of complementary beverage products bearing its own brand. Like 14 oz 6 gram plastic cups and 8 oz paper cups. With FOOD GRADE ingredients so you can provide a variety of warm or hot drinks. Many choices in size and thickness so you can provide products according to your own. This 14 oz cup has a 400 m capacity and this 8 oz pc has a 200 ml capacity. With a mixed cup you can save on your packaging costs. and it's easier with this mix cup. Also very suitable for you who are just starting a beverage business. or walaba, culinary etc. Let's increase the selling value of your product with us. With attractive packaging and better known to many consumers. In addition we also provide various other beverage products. Such as, paper cups, paper bowls, plastic cups, packaging etc. Let's order and print your packaging complement here. And get other product promos.

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